What is StreamAlot?

StreamAlot is by far the easiest way to introduce music to your place of business. In every genre. And always perfectly tailored for your target audience. Our StreamAlot box 'streams' music directly from our advanced online database. You simply choose the subscription that suits your needs and we will do the rest. The music collection is great, the sound quality excellent, your investment minimal.

For who?


StreamAlot is perfect for any kind of organization: from fashion store to restaurant, and from lounge bar to do-it-yourself chain. Ease the wait with chill-out, spice up the in-store experience with fat beats or create a pleasant shopping atmosphere with timeless pop favorites. StreamAlot sets the mood!

One stop shop

Ready to take the next step? Our experienced audio engineers will create a customized channel, including catchy commercials. Obviously, you always benefit from our in-depth technical expertise. Examples include custom-made channels for specific branches, online music agenda’s and ‘live switching’ between your favorite stations. Additionally, you may opt for Forward & Store (the music is stored locally), and our audio and video solutions, including 24/7 support! StreamAlot: because the music never stops. Contact us now and find out what we can do for you. 

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